Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekend Recap

Yes, it's Wednesday night and I'm just getting around to posting about my weekend.  You'll get over it though, right? 

I spent last weekend in Napa with 16 of my college girlfriends for a weekend of wine tasting and catching up.  We're all turning 30 soon and so it was a perfect time to get together and reconnect.  I have to say, my girlfriends are amazing:  we've all done some growing up since we first met 11 years ago, but yet we're all very much the same people.  It'd been years since many of us had seen each other, but we all seemed to just pick up right where we left off.

Lest you think I'll get all sappy on you, here's a transcript of a text conversation with my husband post-wine tasting.

Saturday Night:
Lindsey: Omg. It's noon and I'm drunkk.

Lindsey: I sent you messages on your other phone. And my phone keeps freaking out on me.
Lindsey: Or it's my phone or I'lm druink. One or the other. :D
Lindsey: Oops?
Chris: I wish I was drunk with you
Lindsey: I may or may not be having wine shipped to the house. Hoipe you don't harte me.
Lindsey: Bus moving. Typing sux.
Chris: I don't harte you, I heart you!
Lindsey: :). My phoine keep deleting stuff I swear itzks not my faultt. This phone sucks.
Chris: You are drunk, silly!
Lindsey: Heeeheeeeeeee
Lindsey: I heart you.
Lindsey: If I werrew with you right now, idk make you drive hoime.
Lindsey: :D
Chris: :p
Lindsey: Ummm.
Lindsey: Your wife +more wine+hot toub=uh oh
Lindsey: Ohhhhh boy. Tomorrow might hurtnn.
Lindsey: By the way,m I just chopped about 4 things opf galrlic.
Chris: Don't cut yourself
Lindsey: I. Didn't. Hurrrrray! :D
Lindsey: Erijnnnnnnnn says hi:b
Chris: Wow. Is that the same as "erin?"
Lindsey: Erin . She spells her nanme with 2 s's, which multiply ehrn one is drunk, hence it becomes 6000 s's. Duhhhhhhh
Chris: Ah.
Lindsey: Genuis.
Lindsey: Omg. I can't spelkl.
Lindsey: I broke a wine glass and spilled qa ton of red wine on my shirt and now I have glass in my shoe. Life is haaaarrrrrrd.

Sunday Morning:
Chris: How are you feeling, Lubbre?
Lindsey: Awful.
Lindsey: So much broken glass in my foot.
Chris: I'm sorry you don't feel good.
Lindsey: Yeah. I'll live. I hope. My body is shaking and I smell bad.
Chris: Mmm. Sexy.


scott said...


Sleepwalker said...


But how is your foot?

April M. Kappler said...

you have an amazing husband, did you know that? and he has a pretty freakin sweet wife. you two are precious.

Irmani said...

Sorry came across your blog completely randomly but man that made me laugh! Sounds like a fun weekend - and a lovely husband!

CFF said...

I have to say I am like Irmani, came across this blog sort of accidentally. Have to agree though, funny stuff. Nice to hear about reconnecting with college friends.

I Have To Have It said...

I'm terrible about replying to comments. Must get better.

Anyway, Sleepwalker, my foot was/is fine. I ended up with a bunch of tiny little glass shards in my foot, but luckily I didn't feel it. :)

My hubby is pretty sweet, isn't he, April? He's a saint for putting up with me sometimes, I swear.

Irmani and CFF--hi! Welcome to my blog. Hope you stick around! :)

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