Monday, May 17, 2010

Progress Report

Back in March, I posted my list of 30 things to do before my 30th birthday (January 21--don't forget!).  To hold myself accountable, I figured I'd post a status update.

1.  Take a photography class

2.  Go to Seattle with the hubby (done and it was awesome!)
3.  Sell the house (done 3/26)
4.  Run a 5k (signing up for the Susan G. Komen race in June.  We'll see if I can actually run the whole thing!)
5.  Visit Las Vegas for a weekend (I've been once upon a time and know better than to go for longer than a weekend)
6.  Learn to crochet (found a place to take a class, but haven't yet.)
7.  Watch all the Star Wars movies (watched all 3 original movies, still deciding if I should watch the newer 3--thoughts???)
8.  Do 5 unassisted consecutive pull ups
9.  Learn Photoshop
10.  Lose 10 pounds
11.  Start volunteering
12.  Start a vegetable garden  (it's planted, but nothing has happened yet)
13.  See the North Carolina symphony
14.  Watch "The Sound of Music" (never seen it)
15.  Watch "Gone with the Wind" (again, never seen it)
16.  Learn to make poached eggs (done 1/15)
17.  Read one book per month (so far so good!)
18.  Read "The Hobbit"
19.  Learn to make a souffle
20.  Learn to paint my nails properly
21.  Learn to play chess
22.  Learn to play poker (not in Vegas)
23.  Buy a new (to us) house (done 3/26)
24.  Refinish a piece of furniture (done!  pics to come)
25.  Go to a concert
26.  Blog at least once a week (doing terribly at this)
27.  Build a chicken coop
28.  Stop biting my nails once and for all
29.  Pay off my car (done!!!  5/14!)
30.  Learn my credit score


scott said...

Yes- watch the newer 3 Star Wars movies. Once you get past Jar-Jar Binks, it's good.

eretria said...

I'll get you good chocolate if you can make it past the "I love you" "No, I love you." "No, I love YOU" scene in II and not die laughing.

(Yes. Watch them! Even if it's only for Ewan McGregor's twinkly eyes and the beauty that's Natalie Portman.)

Sleepwalker said...

Oh yes, watch the newer SW. If only for the lovely eye candy, and the whole backstory. If your frustration does not drive you to want to rewrite the entire dialogue, it will be a miracle.

I like your list!

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