Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bathroom Remodel

Before we say goodbye to this house, I wanted to post some good before and after pictures, since everyone likes a good makeover.  When we first bought the house, the master bathroom looked like this:

Words cannot even begin to describe how bad it was.  Not only was it fugly beyond belief, it was very poorly done:  there was a plumbing leak behind the wall, rotten floorboards, and a piece of plywood in the crawlspace to hide all of it so it would pass inspection.  Nice, huh?  And on top of that, the former owner put the granite tile on top of the existing tile, so when we removed it we had twice as much material to get through (as seen below). 

To make things slightly less hideous, I removed the wallpaper shortly after moving in, then painted the walls purple, as evidenced in the third photo above.  We also replaced the ugly brass light fixture, installed a medicine cabinet, and removed the faux-granite painted cabinet (2nd photo above and OMG it was ugly).  All those cosmetic bits helped, but not for the long run.  We were in for a complete bathroom overhaul.

We tore out all the tile and stripped the walls behind the tile down to their studs.  We removed the tile on the floor, repaired the rotten floorboards, fixed the plumbing, and removed the bathtub and the vanity. 

Then everything went back in, in the exact opposite order it was removed:  tub, floor, vanity, tile.  Everything but the toilet got replaced.  We also repainted from the purple color to a taupe-y, putty-ish color.  It's the exact color of a Wendy's frosty.

Oh, and did I mention the entire process took a year and a half? (Since we had another full bath to use throughout, we took our sweet time.)

Still, I'd say the results were worth it.

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