Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kitchen Remodel Update #1

Last weekend we broke ground on the kitchen remodel. We removed two base cabinets and replaced them with two glorious new base cabinets filled with drawers, drawers, and more drawers. We have acres of space now. Which is weird because we're not altering the footprint of the kitchen or really even changing the layout all that much.

We'll do two more base cabinets this weekend so we can make room in the living room for the 8 people who'll be at our house for Thanksgiving next week. Pressure? Nah!

Last night, Chris and I replaced our first wall cabinet. We totally thought we had it done on the first try only to remember that we hadn't left room for the piece of moulding that goes around the top. So we took the cabinet down and tried again. We thought we had it fixed on the second try, only to find out that the door wouldn't open because we had butted the cabinet right up to the wall next to it. So we had to take it down again. The third time was a charm. are some pics. We installed some drawer pulls tonight, which was more difficult than we expected (expect to hear that phrase repeatedly over the next few weeks). And because it's officially Beaujolais Day, we celebrated:

New cabinets. The glass isn't installed yet, but LOOK!!! New hardware!!!

Drawer pulls and wine

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Sleepwalker said...

Very pretty, clean and white! And the pulls are cool.

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