Friday, September 21, 2007

Some Weekday Retail Therapy

I've been really needing a pair of brown boots that I can wear with skirts. Unfortunately, my awesome Frye Harness boots don't quite fit the bill. So, I ordered these from Banana Repubic. They were 30% off and then I got an additional 15% off with a coupon code. Hurray!
I also got the cutest ice cream bowls at Anthropologie. I got them in red (which isn't posted on the Anthro website) so the color comes through with our new glass cabinet doors in the kitchen. I plan on making peach and ginger ice cream this weekend. Just so we can test out the bowls. Gotta make sure they work, you know?

I also got this little glass from Anthropologie. I should have bought all 4, but I was afraid they were too fancy for every day use and I didn't want to add more stuff to our already-packed kitchen. So I'm using it to hold my makeup brushes in the bathroom. It's silly, but it makes me smile.

I also picked up a little something for my best friend's Christmas present, but I'm not going to post it online. :) I'm too good a secret-keeper for that!

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