Sunday, August 19, 2007

I. Am. Awesome.

Yesterday we spent some time looking around at Borders and reading cookbooks (because we're super cool like that) and in Jamie Oliver's "Jamie's Dinners" cookbook, he had a recipe for poached pears with walnut cream. It all seemed simple enough: the pear was poached in white wine with a little vanilla and I took the liberty of adding Triple Sec, a pat of butter, and a stick of cinnamon; and the walnut cream was just some ground up toasted walnuts mixed in with some mascarpone cheese and a little honey.

So I made it myself and reduced the leftover poaching liquid to make a sauce. I added a bit of honey and brown sugar to temper the tanginess from the wine. I have to say, the whole thing was heaven.

I wish I was better at food photography and Photoshop. Taking photos of food with our point-and-shoot camera does okay, but I long for the fuzzy background and warm tones that would turn our food pictures into full-blown food porn.

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