Monday, July 16, 2007

RIP Britt Kitty

July 2, 1992-July 16, 2007

Best Cat Ever. Britt was awesome. She was a total bad-ass: she could catch a hummingbird mid-air, corner and scare the hell out of a raccoon twice her size, and scale a 6'+ wall with no problem. Then she'd come in and lay on your lap with her soft, buttery belly exposed. Or she'd sit on your lap facing you and stretch her paw up toward your face like she just loved you so much, she just had to pet you. She was awesome.

My brother Bill has kept her for the past few years and they got along famously. I know he'll miss her just as much as I will. He had to put her down today due to renal failure. And while I'm sad she's gone, I know he did the right thing.


1 comment:

Shey said...

oh I'm sorry Lindz! That's a beautiful cat.

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