Monday, August 30, 2010

San Diego Recap

My recent trip to San Diego was amazing.  Got to hang out with some amazing old friends and we had such a good time together.  I love that the girls I that were my best friends in 4th grade have grown into fabulous women whose company I still adore.  We no longer braid each other's hair or play with our American Girl dolls, but time spent with them over a glass (or two) of wine feels as if nothing's changed.  Unfortunately, I absolutely suck at remembering to take photos and so I have NONE of them.  Fabulous.

I also got to spend some much needed time with my aunt and grandmother and had a wonderful time with them.  I am incredibly blessed to have such a great family; I feel so inspired by them.

My main reason for flying out to San Diego for a short trip was for my oldest brother's wedding.  They started dating back in May (I think?), got engaged in June and got married August 23.  Both are people who thought they'd never get married and then found each other.  I'm absolutely tickled for them.

Here are some photos:

View from Swami's

Self Realization Fellowship  (Have I mentioned San Diego is NOT at all like Raleigh?)


San Diego Courthouse

View of San Diego's skyline from the wedding reception

Completely gorgeous day

Mazel Tov!

1 comment:

Sleepwalker said...

I'm really craving a good long walk along 101 past Swami's. We're going to just have to find an excuse to go to SD again. Won't quite be the same for us without family there, though.

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