Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sigg Water Bottles

I ordered these water bottles last week for the two of us and aren't they pretty? I ordered them because working out without a water bottle kinda sucks.

They're 100% aluminum, so they're recyclable when/if they ever give up. My only complaint is that the screw top seems like it'll be a pain, but I just ordered sports tops for them. Life can go on now.


amelia said...


Sigg is lined with epoxy.

One of the ingredients in epoxy is BPA.

Sigg tests for leaching BPA, but in their testing they don't account for the fact that BPA can cause harm in levels undetectable by scientific tools. They must test on something with an endocrine system, over a long period of time. Sort of like Polycarbonate was tested on humans over a long period of time, and now we are beginning to see the results.

Sigg should not be considered safe, no matter how sexy and swiss they are, until they undergo the proper testing.

For more reading on BPA and how it works:

For a on-going debate between green business owners and Steve Wasik:



Amelia Royko Maurer
Free Market Organics LLC
342 S. Madison St.
Evansville, WI

ph: 608-332-5042
fax: 608-882-0397

squishy said...

... aaaaand [/buzzkill]

amelia said...

Tell me about it. I bought 3. They are now sitting on my table feeding various cut flowers.

It is a buzz kill that Sigg is taking advantage of not only the faith, but the little bit of time and energy people have to devote to transitioning to green living. I wish they were legit. They make a very cool product. Unfortunately their president came to Sigg via Chanel so he was not well equipped to deal with the ethics and principles of the green product world. He was well equipped to sell a sexy product though, and that he is doing hands down.

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