Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hayden-Harnett Bags

So, I bought a Hayden-Harnett bag on sale this summer and I love it. The leather is beautiful, the hardware is really nice, and the overall quality is really great. I like the colors and the shapes and the fact that I don't see them all over the place. Here are my favorites. Too bad my current wishlist of these bags would set me back $2,638. Damn. Well, I can only hope they have another massive sale this winter.
Marlowe Mirror Bag in Ruby, $379
Mercer Triple Compartment Satchel in Iznik Yellow, $448
Havanna Hobo in Eggplant, $428
Mercer Clutch in Blush, $253
Sonia Tote in Grey, $540 (looks like the Ruby color that I'm obsessed with is sold out)
Pallenberg Duffel in Saffron, $580

1 comment:

Shey said...

yep I'll take 1 of each please.

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